Every work of civil engineering relates with the soil on which it is built. Therefore, any proper planning of a work by CDG is based on a careful study of its interaction with the soil. For CDG INGEGNERIA geotechnics represents technological innovation as well, however taking into account the knowledge of the basic principles of soil mechanics and rock.


The starting mission of CDG INGEGNERIA has been based on geotechnical engineering. Studies in the field of geotechnical engineering are set with regard to the physical and mechanical characterization of the foundation soils and construction materials, as well as the reconstruction of the relationship between soil and works. Several experiments have been carried out in the field of planning and assistance to investigations, special foundations, retaining structures, embankments of large size, consolidation of soils and rocks, stabilization of landslides, tunnels, underground constructions.


Our Projects:

Geotechnics, Tunnel, Stability of slopes